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    Mayor of Arlington
    Marvin King

    City Council
    Willie Sue Freeman


    City Council
    Tyron George

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    Jerome Brackins

    City Council
    Lisa Aldridge

    City Council
    Chuck Cowart

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    Alice Eafford-Wims



Welcome To Arlington, Georgia!

Arlington is a unique historical town in Southwest Georgia.

An integral part of Arlington's history is the railroad. From its early history that began in 1873 until now, the railroad has long been a part of Arlington.  


Medical Facilities

The City of Arlington is the hub of medical facilities in Calhoun county.  Arlington plays an important role in the health and well being for citizens of Calhoun County. Excellent dental facilities, health clinic, pharmecutical supplies, a senior citizen center, boys and girls club, and an elementary/middle school and much more makes Arlington a great place to live.

May Day Festival

Started in 1932, Arlington is home to the long standing May Day festival and parade. People from all the surrounding areas come to see this exciting annual event!

Arlington's Early History

Franklin Lawrence Pepper inherited a large estate in Early and Randolph Counties after his fathers’ death in 1847. Early County included areas North of Ft Gaines at that time. Soon thereafter, around 1858, Franklin sold all his property in Ft Gaines for $35,800 and began buying land around the Arlington area where he soon built a new home.

He joined the CSA army as a private and was quickly promoted to Captain, a rank he held until leaving the service. After “retiring” from the State legislature in 1870, he was appointed to the newly formed board of the Albany-Mobile-New Orleans Railroad Company, later renamed the Central Railroad & Banking Company, that became part of Southern Railroad that is now part of Norfolk-Southern Railroad. Mr. Pepper also served as Arlington’s first station agent. Mr. Franklin Pepper was known by his honorary title Colonel Pepper. 

Colonel Peppers’ son, James Daniel Pepper is considered the Founder of the City of Arlington. Soon after the Colonel’s appointment to the railroad board, James Pepper hired Major Audley J Maxwell of Dougherty County to survey out land lots and streets for a town to be called Arlington for which Major Maxwell was paid 50% for every lot sold. Given both Colonel Pepper’s and Major Maxwell’s service in the CSA, it is not specifically noted but is assumed they selected to name the new town after General Lee’s forfeited homestead Arlington.



Arlington Chief of Police
Casey Taylor
Arlington City Clerk
Mary Jane King

Assistant City Clerk
Pam Jackson Davis


Arlington Steets & Roads

Elemar Johnson Jr.

City of Arlington

Ken Williams