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  • Mayor
    Reeves Lane


    Billy Timpson
    Mayor Pro Tem

    Ben Dismuke
    City Council

    Rob Turner
    City Council

    Bobby Johnson
    City Council


Welcome To Edison, Georgia!

King Cotton Horse Show

The first King Cotton Horse Show was held in Edison, Georgia in 1935 and remains a major attraction today. Sponsored by the Edison Lions Club, people from all over come to see this extraordinary event which is held in May on Mother's Day weekend.

65 Mile High Cotton Yard Sale

The 65 Mile High Cotton Yard Sale is held on the 2nd Saturday in November each year and attracts thousands of visitors from all over the southeast. Learn More...

Edison Today

Edison has an excellent hometown atmosphere. It is the location for the Calhoun County High/Middle School and the Calhoun County Library. Also known as a major farm supply and service center for the area, Edison provides many goods and services for its citizens as well as for citizens of Calhoun County.

Edison is situated above Georgia's most productive groundwater supply, the Floridian aquifer. This aquifer, also known as the principal artesian aquifer, may be the largest aquifer in the world. We have an abundant fresh water supply.

Edison is within 9 miles of Hwy 27, which is a 4 lane highway connecting us to other parts of the state. Airports are within easy reach in Albany, Columbus, Dothan and Tallahassee.

Medical facilities are also available at the Edison Medical Center, Willowwood Personal Care Home and the Calhoun County Nursing Home.

Early History

According to the Calhoun County Historical Society, the first settlement of present day Edison was originally named Keyton in 1877 after the postmaster, John T. Keyton. The landowners from Randolph County called it Nubbintown as it was located where the well-worn Hartford Trail crossed the road from Cuthbert to Bainbridge.

In 1880 George W. Wiggins was appointed postmaster and in 1886 he succeeded in having the name changed from Keyton to Edison in homage to the genius of Thomas Edison, inventor.

The fledging town centered around Wiley Watkins's store that had also housed the Keyton post office. Other businesses sprang up in response to needs and the nearby churches of Salem and Mars Hill Baptist ministered to the families.

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City Clerk
Peggy Simpson

City Superintendant
James Waters

Walt Ingram


Edison Police Chief
Walt Ingram

City Manager
Walt Pierce